FABIAN JAKOPETZ – DJ, producer, remixer, guitarist from Croatia, Zagreb (more than 15 years music experience). BIOGRAPHY: As a child he played a guitar in various bands, but he haven’t found his way in expressing by live instruments. He was influenced by his older brother who was listening to electronic music from it’s start, so that’s the source of his beginning. As a minor has started his music career under the name DJ Dechko Continue Reading →

Silphium Morales / Press Kit

..Biography.: Silphium Morales ist am 01. Dec. 1977 in Wien geboren. Seit seinem 16ten Lebensjahr ist er leidenschaftlicher Dj., seine ersten Gig´s hat er mit unzähligen andern Dj´s im Club Hitchcock in Wien begonnen, nach seiner Perfektionierung an den Reglern und den Technic´s Playern, ging es weiter mit ihm Richtung Großraum Disco Nachtwerk. Dort hat er die Liebe zu Rave, Techno und Lasershow gewonnen. In den 90er hatte er verschiedene Gig´s im P1, Nachtwerk, Hitchcock, Continue Reading →

Mark Neo / Press Kit

The man behind Osession events. Absolutely passionate about house music and in pursuit of amazing party experience. His musical adventure started in 1997 when his longtime friend DJ Valentino Kanzyani (tech house DJ) introduced him into the world of DJ-ing. First steps were inspired by drum’n’bass music and the spreading of its sound in Slovenija. With a lot of enthusiasm, he first crossed the doors of music bars and clubs. He also crossed the borders of Continue Reading →