Cruise w/ Valentino Kanzyani, Mariano Mateljan, Madezh / 11.03.

Date: Saturday, March 11 at 11 PM – 6 AM. 2017. Location: Kameleon Club. Ulica Petra Zoranića, 21000 Split, Croatia Cruise w/ Valentino Kanzyani, Mariano Mateljan, Madezh Line up: Valentino Kanzyani (Jesus Loved You) Mariano Mateljan (u.dig, FUSE London, Gilesku Records) Madezh (Cruise Split) Stiže nam Valentino Kanzyani. Pripremite se – polijećemo. Valentino Kanzyani je u više od dva desetljeća svoje karijere, u rejverskim srcima ostavio neizbrisiv trag. Uz njegovo stvaralaštvo odrasle su generacije klabera Continue Reading →

Dario Sorano press kit

Dj / Producer Dario Sorano was born in Naples, Italy. He grew up listening to Electronic and Techno music and at the age of 14 he realized that he could use it to express his own personality. He has been a dj since 1994. Not long after he deepened his musical knowledge by first playing acoustic drums and then electronic drums; later on he devoted his time to the analogic synthesizer’s analysis. Several years later Continue Reading →

F Scope / Boogaloo w Monika Kruse [21.04.2017]

Date: Friday, April 21 at 11 PM – 7 AM. 2017. Location: Boogaloo Zagreb. Ulica grada Vukovara 68, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. F Scope / Boogaloo w Monika Kruse [21.04.2017] Line up: ● MONIKA KRUSE ● DJ JOCK ● SHIPE ● MATYA ● SENNO Travanj je rezerviran za trenutno najveću i napoznatiju njemačku techno ikonu, dj-icu sa stažom dužim od 26 godina te vlasnik etikete Terminal M, Moniku Kruse! MONIKA KRUSE Njen prvi autorski rad je Continue Reading →

EGGY press kit

Eggy, full name Marko Juric was born 1989. And comes from the city of Zadar. At the beginning of his youth he understood that music is the key to happiness, especially electronic music. At 16 years old he bought himself his first turntable and a few months after that he decided to professionally enter the electronic music scene. He particularly enjoyed techno music, and for a brief period based his music on hard groove techno. Continue Reading →

Jolly Joke press kit

Jolly Joke was born in 1984 in Ploče. Creativity in music he began to explore while still in school. By studying music and its instruments, in all genres and forms he comes across electronic music as well. Infatuated with electronics and instruments he buys a turntables and other equipment, he gets his first engagements with local clubs and bars. At the begining of 2008 he launches a project named Hard Sintetic, with the idea of Continue Reading →


  FABIAN JAKOPETZ – DJ, producer, remixer, guitarist from Croatia, Zagreb (more than 15 years music experience). BIOGRAPHY: As a child he played a guitar in various bands, but he haven’t found his way in expressing by live instruments. He was influenced by his older brother who was listening to electronic music from it’s start, so that’s the source of his beginning. As a minor has started his music career under the name DJ Dechko Continue Reading →