Shake On Lake 2017

Shake On Lake 2017 ► 6 FLOORS OVER 50 DJ’s, 3 DAYS – 2 NIGHTS (16.Juni – 17.Juni – 18.Juni), INTERNATIONAL HEADLINERS more info sunn

Shake On Lake 2017

Just before the beginning of summer 2017, June 16th – 18th, on

this beautiful place, electronic music festival On lake is going to happen for the second time in a row. Previous year it was Save the lake or/and Rave the lake with some very famous names in the line up: DJ T., Kerstin Eden, Marika Rossa, Pascal Feos, Smash TV, Angy Kore, Alex Bau, Domenic D’agnelli, Irregular Synth, Padre El Ferenco, Crazy Sonic, Zemtex, Jamtech, Patrick Baer, Pipo Puppenspieler, Michael Eggert and Chris Di Perri.

This year it’s going to be Shake on Lake!!!! Organizers say there will be a 6 floors, over 50 DJ’s, it will last for 3 days and 2 nights (16 – 18. June 2017) with international headliners, on new Main stage where you can dance on over 2000m. You can expect new music styles on new locations. Line up is yet to be announced but we can expect to be as good as last year.

Tickets are already on sale for first 100 early birds – lovers of electronic music. You should hurry up ’cause there are just a few left for ridiculously low price of 15€ for 3 day pass.

See you there!!!

Yours truly