niereichCP: Austrian artist Peter is very popular in the world of techno. Last year he realized his first album Ghost & Flowers after 21 year of presence at techno scene. Till now, he can be proud of many DJ events where he was a special guest. For our site he speaks about his beginnings and how he became such a great DJ and producer.

My beginnings were at the local youth center in my hometown Mürzzuschlag (Austria) where we had meetings every Saturday afternoon and played Techno music. That was really much fun to meet other few guys who likes techno, too. We had a great time there talking about records, learning DJ skills etc. Later we started with our first parties and travels to bigger raves in Vienna to see and hear DJ’s live at work.

CP: You started at 1993. Did you change something in your music and how much?

First i have to say that I was not a professional DJ since 1993. It was just a hobby for many, many years and it was just a dream for a long time to me. That dream came true in 2010 with my agency “Abstract”. Yes, I changed my sound but that is normal for 20 years. I only played harder and faster kind of techno. I was 13 and maybe too young for the Acid or Detroit sound at this time. Later I mixed all kinds of techno and I kicked because nobody expected a linear kind of music from me. Nowadays my main project Niereich stands for a straight direction and the people in the crowd wants to hear that sound, they don`t like experiments a lot.
CP: Do you have some musician who like the most and with whom you like to be on the stage?

Of course I have a lot of idols and I met some of them on stages at festivals or on the gigs I played. Sometimes we were in the same hotel or in the transfer to the airport, or we had dinner together… And in that moment we can talk a few words. Some of them are nice guys and you can build a new friendship, otherwise some of them just want you to leave them alone. J

CP: You have performances all the time and you travel a lot. Where was your best performance and where you had the best feedback?

It is hard to say where I played my “best” performance. You have to ask people in the crowd. The best feedback I got was definitely from my fans in Buenos Aires or Mexico City. They are really open-minded and thankful and that is what I like at the techno scene. It reminds me on the good old times.

CP: What is your motivation?

I think I am more an artist as a DJ. My motivation is creating sound in my studio. I love when I am experimenting. Now all I have missed in the last years I want to learn in the next ones. And at weekends is always nice to play gigs and test out my new tracks or ideas in front of the crowd.

CP: Do you plan to be DJ in the future?

Of course! I want to play as long as possible! It`s the best job in the world. Travel around the globe, meet a lot of new people and build new friendships. See some nice places and have a lot of great moments. As DJ sometimes I have some negative points too, but that’s not important at all. All those experiences are very special and left forever.