Modulate: Ken Ishii & Heiko Laux 31.03

Time: Friday, March 31 at 10 PM – Apr 1 2017 at 6 AM UTC+01

Location: Bow Bridge London, 28 Hancock Road, E33DA London, United Kingdom

Modulate: Ken Ishii & Heiko Laux

We are very happy to say we are back at The Bridge for our next event. Our chosen selectors will be performing on the newly installed Void Acoustics sound system.


///// Ken Ishii

Modulate welcome Ken Ishii from Tokyo – his first gig in the UK since 2012.

Ken Ishii is renowned in the electronic music community as being one of the true pioneers of techno in the east. Strongly influenced by Detroit techno, Ken Ishii had his first release on Richie Hawtin’s label Plus 8 in 1993. Since then, Ken has produced music for R&S, ESP, Systematic, and Sublime.

Ken is also known for composing the music for the opening ceremonies to the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano and composing music for video games such as Rez, Tekken and LSD.

///// Heiko Laux

Our second headline artist is Berlin-based Kanzleramt labelboss, Heiko Laux.

Heiko has been releasing music on his own label since 1994, whilst also venturing out to produce music for other respected labels such as Ovum, U-Turn, Soma and Klockworks over the years.

The 20th anniversary of Kanzleramt was celebrated at Berlin’s renowned Berghain in 2014 and since then Heiko has been DJing around the world, while still playing regular gigs at the legendary Berlin-based venue.

The release of Heiko’s solo album in 2014 ‘Fernweh’ marks a statement of intent as it was his first solo-album to be released on Kanzleramt. Positive reviews confirmed Heiko’s status as a key player in the contemporary techno scene.

///// Support from:

Ronald Kohn

Lazy H

Modulate residents: Alex Nock and Paul Huckerby

///// Limited £5 tickets available on resident advisor now.

///// Arwork by Hannah Gill – – @hannah_ _gill