It all started back In the 2005. when she decided to transform the love for music into a life’s passion.

In 2008 she gained an Audio Engineering Diploma at SAE University of Ljubljana and since than she is collecting more knowledge and experiences as a sound engineer and producer, which leads to supremacy in understanding the background of the music she plays and makes.

CLUBS AND PARTiES journalist Natasha had a couple questions about female side of DJ-ing:

CP: When you do not think about music and do not work how do you relax?
– I love to spend some time in the nature, I love a good book, I’m very much into quantum physics and alternative medicine and sustainable ways of living, so I’m always researching something about that 😀

CP: How do you like to travel?
– I love flying, this feeling of floating in the air really sooths me 🙂

CP: Where do you feel like at home?
– At Rijeka, Croatia where I’m renting a nice flat with a super wide sea view and a nice studio room.

CP: Do you have some kind of your favorite rituals?
– Yeah I morning tea and meditation.

CP: How you manage your work with your private life?
– Not very good I must admit 😀 I’m super busy so its not always easy to balance all areas of your life but I try the best I can to find time for everyone and everything.

CP: Do you have/want children?
– No, I don’t have children but would definitely love to have some one day 😀

CP: What make you happy?
– Sunsets, Sunrises, sailing on a boat, flying, having a good lunch!

CP: What kind of music do you listen when you’re home alone or private?
– Stuff Like Kwabs, Jamie Lidell, BANKS..

CP: Do you watch sports and what’s your favorite sport?
– No

CP: How do you see yourself in ten years?
– Having my own home with a sea view and a garden to satisfy all my food needs, with eko energy system, working with people helping them to stay healthy and happy!

Thank you very much.

Natasha – CP CREW

Here is podcast Marina shared for #MARCH 2017 – CLUBS AND PARTiES FEMALE MONTH