“The eclectic deliverer of dance floor tsunamis”

Those, who ever came across Marta, are certainly aware of her contagious energy and optimism she spreads around. And One thing is for certain. Marta always delivers unforgettable sets, which are result of talent, focus on crowd feedback and especially her love of eclectic music genres and styles. An electronic music chameleon, she translates her broad music range into groove filled bass lines, refreshing and pumping beats with a backdrop of mesmerizing synths that guarantee an explosive audio-tsunami.

Marta is drawing more and more attention.Ever since her appearance at famous Exit festival in 2013, she is one of the busiest female acts in the region. She is regularly booked as well abroad. She was also a guest on some of the biggest and most prominent festivals all across the region. Dimensions Festival, Flow Festival, Lighthouse Festival, Eco Festival and Fresh wave festival and many more this year.

Marta is gaining the confidence she needs, to step one step higher – to the international level.
Marta is a techno jewel that shines the best when she is given just enough playing time to deliver her famous cross-genres techno sets. And it doesn’t matter if it is in front of crowds big or small, small clubs or big open air festivals, prime time or after hours. Her taste and talent usually spills all over the dancefloor and gets the masses moving in all directions.

Here is podcast Marta presented in honor of #MARCH 2017 – CLUBS AND PARTiES FEMALE MONTH

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