George Makrakis interview

A man with a single-minded intensity and passion for his craft, George Makrakis has been at the heart of the Athenian underground music scene for a number of years.

CP: Who were your role models and what were your reasons for entering into the world of music?
GM: My first contact with music was when my parents gave me piano as a gift. I started playing when I was very young. I played piano for many years till I got my degree certificate. I am influenced from classical music and later on, I got involved in several music genres, like pop and rock, until I was overwhelmed with dance music. I grew up listening Sasha & Digweed, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Deep Dish, Paul Oakenfold, Frankie Knuckles… I have named a few, so I could say they were some kind as role models for me.

CP: Since when are you involved in the dance music?
GM: I guess that would be when my friends and family used to send me a tapes from the UK with all that kind of dance music back in the early 90’s and I got stuck with it. I started collecting vinyl records and tried to get informed as much as I could for the electronic dance scene at that time to learn as many things as possible. At the age of 15 I started mixing music with my vinyl collection at the parties and small events until I was able to start doing it professionally few years later.

CP: What do you prefer more: working as a DJ, or to be in music production ?
GM: I love doing both but they are two different things. As a DJ you interact with people in many levels, you can feel the energy of your music and the vibe of the crowd. Music production is a personal thing for me, love spending hours and days in the studio experimenting with sounds and giving ’life’ to my ideas.

CP: Recently you launched your own record label. What made you start your label and what are your plans for it?
GM: It was in the back of my head for so long and almost two years ago, I felt it was the right time to do it. Our primary goal is to release quality music with specific sound oriented to techno music, so Liquify records was born. Many respected artists already signed for 2017 on forthcoming releases, so this year looks very promising on recordings. Future plan is to start hosting a few gigs as Liquify Showcase with artists that have signed to our label. Also, this year will invite some guest DJs for my radio show Liquify Podcast which is broadcasted every month.

CP: Tell us about your plans for 2017?
GM: This year looks very promising and great things already set up. I have signed many releases on big labels that will be released later this year and many gigs booked. I can’t share specific information yet, but will do in time.

CP: In 2016 you made quite an impact to the dance music scene. How do you feel about 2016?
GM: So excited, it was an amazing year. I performed at big parties, I had too many personal releases, collaborations with other artists and DJs, remixes and I have made so many new remarkable friends. All these gave me the strength to keep going and work even harder!

CP: You have performed on some big music festivals, such as Ibiza, ADE. Where would you like to perform in the future?
GM: There are so many great festivals around the world, so I would like to be the part of them as many as possible. I hope I get the chance.

CP: Who are your favorite producers?
GM: It’s such a huge list! I love to play their music and I have so many respect for them. Some of them are A. Paul, Marco Bailey, The Advent… It’s just a few names.

CP: If you could be our guide, what clubs and festivals in Greece would you recommend?
GM: I can’t recommend something all over Greece, but in Athens was one club that made me feel the energy. I still miss MAZE. When it was open, club made some kind of influence on Greek music scene. It was something unique.

CP: What is your favorite tape on your beat port?
GM: My favorite till now is Lilith EP Released by Black Square recordings

CP: Could you briefly describe for us electronic music scene in Greece?
GM: It is not as big as it used to be, but some things remain balanced. There are many great DJs, nice events and clubs and always fanatic crowd follow the electronic music scene.

Thank you very much.

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