electroritesOne of very busiest techno artists is Luca Pagani. These days he has so much work to do, and so many performances, but he took some time to answer our questions. Luca is Italian and he started with music in the early childhood. In the ’90s he started with progressive music but things got serious after one DJ competition. He became a member of the staff of Radio SuperNetwork, at first as a mixing desk technician and then with his own program in which he proposed the latest innovations of his genre.

In 1996 he left the radio and joined the famous “Prima Scelta” Agency for DJs in Padua. Experience led his style to evolve, from progressive to electronic, until he arrived at a techno sound.

Luca Pagani aka Electrorites has now founded his first record label, Shout Records with more than 30 artists and 40 releases, whereas he collaborates with Gynoid Audio, Elektrax, Herzschlag Recordings, We call It Hard, Freitag and other underground techno labels.

CP: How do you feel when you are on stage?
Just to stay on topic, it’s a mix of being excited and thrilled… Trying my best to take the crowd on a journey, sharing my energy with them. From the moment that i feel the synergy I could go on for hours.

CP: Can you describe people who love your music?
I think the techno scene has particularly evolved in recent years: in the first place it was an underground scene followed only by a certain number of person, restricted and reserved for a few … but today with the era of the internet, digital era, the big festivals, etc etc, techno has become visible and available to all…The fact which makes it hard to define the target of my followers.

CP: What is the most important for you when you work?
While long hours and hard work may be required however I feel free to do my best, always inspired and motivated to improve myself, willing to try and learn new things, stretching beyond my own comfort zone. It’s not a question of how many hours i dedicate to my work daily, but about doing what I love as much as possible. As a producer the thing that is priceless to me is the way that I’m creating my tracks, without following any logics, no patterns or boundaries, just immerse myself into emotional component. As a DJ I see it in this way, always put myself in the place of crowd on the dance floor thinking what would I wanted my experience to be, involved and connected, something to do with positive vibe to be contagious with.

CP: With whom do you love to work and to be on the stage?
Performing on the stage with my partner in crime Deh Noizer is something that I always looking forward, however our collaboration doesn’t finish here…. many hours working together in the studio till now has given a quite good results. Regarding collaboration between artists I’m always in to, every experience is welcome!

CP: Where do you find your inspiration?
For someone would seem obvious if I say everyday life, but not for me. I’m literally inspired from anything or anyone who was stimulant for my thoughts at any given time. A life of traveling and listening all kind of different people that I’ve met makes me want to return a favor with my music of course.

CP: When you are not on stage what do you listen?
In my youth I was a huge fan of Depeche Mode, Massive Attack nothing less than Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, that kind of music influence I’m sure that many of my colleagues and followers still share with me today. At the moment for my work as a producer and owner of Shout records and Nightmare factory records I’m all day long techno listener. From Detroit Techno to CRL style, Token Records, Mord and many more not less important no matter where I’m, alone or in company of people who appreciate ,that’s my world and I’m happy to be a part of it.

CP: Can you describe techo scene in this moment?
Lately I think there is too much confusion regarding Techno scene… that’s why you can find some of genres which don’t have nothing to do with techno even if they’re called in the same way. Or even worse trying to put on Techno some kind of “hype” labels which makes it devalued. Therefore at the moment for me is just one word ” Confusion”.