Izabella interview

Her love for electronic music and passion for parties, as well as her artistic talents developed from an early age, naturally bring her to the stage. Her first gig was in club “Lifehouse” in 2014 at age of 18. In October 2016 Izabella was part of one of the biggest music festivals – Amsterdam Dance Event.

CP: First of all how did you enter in world of electronic music, more precise techno music? What made you like techno so much?
– My passion for electronic music came from the parties in Bulgaria. I just love techno from the first time I’ve heard it.

CP: How do you prepare for the show? Does it matter if the party is bigger or smaller?
– Before show I relax, eat something fresh and listen to the music I will play. It’s doesn’t matter the size of the event.

CP: Tell us about your first performance at Lifehouse club in 2014. How did you feel at your first appearance?
– I remember very well my first performance. I was quite shy and nervous but everything was fine and after that I felt amazing.

CP: We can see that you performed in Holland at ADE, in Portugal, with some of the biggest names in the world of electronic music. Who do you favor among them?
– In the last 6 months I had the honor to play at ADE and at City Hall, Barcelona and I had a lot of fun at both places. From ADE I like the most HITO’s music from the ENTER party, and from City Hall I really liked Me&her’s performance.

CP: Production is very important in music business. How do you feel about work in music production?
– Yes, music production is very important, I have few released tracks and a lot of projects.

CP: Is it advantage or disadvantage to be a female DJ?
– I don’t think that there is difference between male and female DJ’s. If you have skills and people like you the gender doesn’t matter.

CP: Where is the best crowd for you?
– I remember when I’ve played in Belgrade, people were so happy and full of energy, and also at Cacao beach there is very spiritual energy when people are dancing at the sunrise.

CP: What are your plans for future? What would you like the most?
– I don’t like to talk about my plans for the future. I will be glad to do more of what makes me happy.

Thank you very much.


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